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The Stronger North Stonehouse Journal is a monthly newspaper to help you keep your home and neighbourhood safe.

You may have heard about the Government’s £25 million Safer Streets initiative and that North Stonehouse is one of just a few communities in the UK to receive more than £500,000 from the project.

The Stronger North Stonehouse Journal is here to explain how you can benefit from this great news.

There are many positive things about to happen in North Stonehouse to make it a safer place, such as the installation of good quality CCTV, the setting up of Neighbourhood Watch schemes, better street lighting, and advice on crime prevention.

A ‘Feel Safe Scheme’ will help residents carry out small repairs to their properties, such as fitting stronger locks and other security devices. Small grants will be available to individuals and groups to clean up the streets.

All the details you need to get involved are in the pages of the Stronger North Stonehouse Journal, including contact emails for the groups running the schemes so you can get help.

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